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This is a Library topic for ShineOn (Oxygene for .NET)

ShineOn is a open source re-implementation of parts of the Delphi RTL and (low-level) VCL in Oxygene. It's goal is to ease the porting of Delphi code that uses RTL functions and base classes such as TStringList by making those functions and types available in .NET.

ShineOn in an independent open source project and not actively maintained or supported by RemObjects Software staff. It currently supports Oxygene for .NET only.

The source for ShineOn can be found on github, contributions are welcome.

Note: A longterm goal of the unrelated Sugar library project is to eventually provide a library that replaces ShineOn, and re-builds the Delphi APIs on the cross-platform Sugar classes and thus would be usable on all three platforms. However, this effort (codenamed Sugar.Legacy) is at a lower-priority while the focus of the Sugar team is on building the core Sugar library, for now.

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