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One toolchain — two great languages — three platforms.

Current Release: Elements 7.2, September 2014 Release

Get Started: Getting Started with Oxygene | Getting Started with RemObjects C#


RemObjects C#

The Oxygene Language

The RemObjects C# Language

for .NET
for Cocoa
for Java

One toolchain, two languages: Elements is a modern development tool stack for creating applications for all of today's platforms, using either our very own Oxygene Language, or the C# Language you may already be familiar with from working with it on .NET.

Both Oxygene and RemObjects C# let you leverage the same language skill set, no matter what platform(s) you are developing for, without losing the benefit of working natively and directly with the underlying platforms — be it the .NET Framework, the Java and Android Runtime Libraries, or the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks.

Oxygene is our own state-of-the art programming language for the 21st century. Based on the strong foundation of Object Pascal, Oxygene takes Pascal to the next level, with an unprecedented set of advanced language features.

RemObjects C# is 100% C# – now available natively on the Java/Android and Cocoa platforms, alongside .NET. Primarily designed for developers already familiar with C# on .NET, RemObjects C# (previously also known under the code name "Hydrogene") allows you to expand your existing skills to Java and/or Cocoa in a snap.

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