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This is the info page for the Fall 2011 release
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The Fall 2011 release marks the introduction of the all new Oxygene 5 compiler for Oxygene for .NET, alongside a technology preview of Oxygene for Java (a.k.a. Project "Cooper"). This release introduces the following new features and enhancements:

Minor Improvements & Changes

  • Anonymous classes are C# compatible in IL (even shows in reflector)
  • lambdas support for .NET 4.0 expression trees
  • lambdas in the interface section
  • Improved xmldoc support
  • Extension methods work even if there's an existing method with that name already (only for different signature of course)
  • "case string of" has been improved to use dictionaries, internally
  • Stricter checks for duplicate identifiers

Breaking Changes

See Breaking Changes for information on potential breaking changes in this release.

Known Issues

See Known Issues for information on known bugs or problems with this release that we were unfortunately not able to fix in time for RTM.